Cardi B wants credit for the new Lucky Charms cereal

Cardi B

2017 was a great year of Cardi B. The New York rapper killed it with her first chart-topping single “Bodak Yellow”, rocked the front rows of New York Fashion Week, and got that hallowed Instagram selfie with Beyoncé. Presently, just nine days into 2018, the performer is claiming that she directly influenced the release of ‘Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes’, demanding that she gets two percent of profits.

Cardi is obviously referring to her verse “Rollie got charms, look like Frosted Flakes”, from her greatest banger “Bodak Yellow”. Taking to her Instagram, the rap star posted (in ways that she tends to): “They Hurd BODAK YELLOW and was ROLLIE GOT CHARMS LOOK LIKE FROSTED FLAKES?!!!I think we have something right here !!! I want 2 (percent) of sale.”

via Instagram

Considering the track reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 – which is the first time a solo female rapper has bagged the top spot in 19 years – received praise from the likes of Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj, and was performed by Janet Jackson on her State of the World tour, Cardi B could have impacted the creative minds over at General Mills.

Besides her potential two percent profits, it looks as if 2018 is to be another incredible year for the artist, with the release of her debut studio album. Back in November, the rapper indicated that the full-length would arrive in January, and a couple of days before Christmas she released the album’s second single “Bartier Cardi” with 21 Savage. Follow the Bronx rapper’s Instagram to stay up to date with the latest with album news (and, you know, just on the off chance that she blames any other person for copyright).

This article was first seen on Dazed.

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