Chase your dreams



We cannot stay wild all our adult lives. Living without any rules, regulations, and consequences for your actions but we can choose a more disciplined approach when it comes to following your dreams. A few years ago I would have gone for the wild, free spirited, no troubles type of girl. But the only thing standing between you and your dreams is you, begin to discipline yourself to achieve it. It makes me happy to think we all know what we want in life and are just trying to figure out how to get it, if you don’t, start thinking about that. I want to be the one to equip you with weaponry to achieve this dream and get you doing something that will initiate the start of something great in your life.

Where do we start? Let’s tackle the fears that prevent you from doing the right things, your mind plays tricks on you alot, if you can learn to trick the trickster you are a lot closer to winning the battle of the mind. You need to believe in yourself, you can do anything through Christ that strengthens you so long as you put your mind to it you are on your way to winning. Be resourceful, get the things you need to help you, by gathering books, articles, videos you are gathering the things that will help you get closer to your dreams. Use social media, follow people that have what you want and learn from them. Embrace the time it will take for you to get from where you are now to where you want to be, God is saying trust me do what I tell you to do, while I work in the background on the things you can’t see. Believe in your dream, if you have it, its going to come to pass, its not a matter of if it will happen, its a matter of when it will happen. Your dream is not something you thought up one day but its a piece of you, you can’t ignore it, something inside you will always pull you towards it, because it is what you are suppose to do. Dont be afraid to start, get up, get ready and start a new project now, dont leave it untill tomorrow, you are one day away from realising your dreams.

To summaries
– Learn to trick the trickster, win the battle of the mind
– Believe in yourself
– Be resourceful gather books, articles and videos to help you
– Use social media, follow people you want to learn from
– Embrace time
– Believe in your dream
– Don’t be afraid to start

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