Get your ish together

Someone told me to get my ish together today and immediately it stirred up something in me. I have heard this before a long time ago from Shanel Cooper-Sykes (the #1 life coach for women), and I felt the same butterflies in my stomach I felt years ago. It made me think about what I was doing wrong in my life and what type of life my Swwe21 blog readers might be aspiring to. How many of you can truly say you got your ish together? Am guessing not many, there’s still that thing you’ve being putting off that you need to do, thats why it is absolutely imperative I share this with you today. To get your ish together is a nice way of saying get your sh*t together. Ok so my life is not perfect and there is no shame in that, even celebrities have issues like mine, just like no one’s life is always rosy, no one’s life is always perfect, but learning how to exude control over certain things is a skill I think I need to develop! I think you can agree that I’ll be so much better as a person as soon as I have my work, life, and personal life all together, and am not saying, they are not, but probably not where I want it to be. So now is the time to sort it all out, not later.

First and foremost I will stop reflecting, there’s simply no time for that. Stop thinking about woulda, coulda, shoulda, its simply a waste of time, limit this as often as you can, because it stops you from moving forward. Make no mistake here, you can do something about your situation no matter how bad it seems. If you have started doing something about your life, and your lists, and vision boards sometimes are overbearing, check what you call your support system. Is it because your are not surrounding yourself with the right people, are you surrounding yourself with energy zapping, unstable individuals. Frankly, some people zap the energy out of you and other people bring the best out of you, surround yourself with people that will build you up not destroy you. So sort that out first.

When it seems you are getting overwhelmed with other things like, jobs and workloads, try not to lose sight of why you are doing it. Think about how much it will make you happy to complete what you started. Remember your goal is to get to the end, in some cases to the top. Don’t let things make you fall apart, because you can’t see results immediately doesn’t mean you are not making progress, I know it sounds cliche but dont forget it’s the journey that counts, so enjoy the process. Stay connected to a mentor of your choice that will motivate you, critique you and generally inspire you to want to carry on. When you make a mistake, learn the lesson and focus your energy on how it will feel when you finally meet your goals. Be grateful when things are going well and remember you can only create for yourself what God will allow you to create. Everything you are working for was first established in heaven and then on earth. Make it your priority to gather all the resources you need to learn more about His purpose for your life. And don’t be afraid to ask God for directions.

To summarise
– Stop reflecting over shoulda, woulda coulda
– Surround yourself with the right people
– Don’t lose sight of why you are doing it
– Have a mentor to motivate you
– Be grateful
– Ask God for directions

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