GLAMOUR: Meet GLAMOUR’s brand new cover star: Emily Ratajkowski

She talks feminism, aspirations and her ‘insta-perfect life’…

Emily Ratajkowski looks incredible as she poses for her first British GLAMOUR cover. The 26-year-old actress, model and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador reveals to us that she has wants to move away from the ‘bathing suit girl’ role in films, and also talks about embracing life as a ‘sexual being’.

David Slijper

Emily Ratajkowski on… feminism:

“To start saying that certain people need to have a license to be feminist is insane…Emma Watson said feminism isn’t some kind of tool to beat other women with, it’s supposed to be a freedom of choice. And I believe in sexuality. I think it’s a wonderful thing and, if anything, I want women to understand their own sexuality outside of a patriarchal male gaze. We’re the core of sexual beings, and I think that’s something that should be celebrated rather than attacked.”

David Slijper

Emily Ratajkowski on… wanting to move away from the ‘hot girl’ role and becoming a more versatile actor:

“That’s basically my strategy…and part of the reason I’m so grateful I have modelling and so many other things that I’m doing – because if I didn’t have other ways of making money, I’d be like, ‘OK, I guess I’m doing the bathing-suit-girl role.’ You really have to prove yourself in this industry and I’m very much up for the challenge. It takes a really long time to not only prove yourself, but also prove that you’re more dynamic than just this one part of you that they see.”

David Slijper

Emily Ratajkowski on… social media facilitating her extended female network:

“It used to be so scary to go to the Met Ball and things like that…I’d think, ‘Oh, I’m not going to know anyone there,’ and now it’s so nice to feel like it’s a community. Like Amy Schumer, I like everything she posts, she likes everything I post, and at the Met we just gave each other a big hug; a ‘Yes, we’re here for each other.’ It’s nice to have that relationship with people.”


Emily Ratajkowski on… her Insta-perfect life:

“It’s not real, it’s a version of reality, and as a visual person who loves art, photographs, fashion, I’m kind of interested in fantasy…But it’s important to realise that some people have a hard time distinguishing what’s fantasy and what’s reality. We owe it to our followers to show the glam, but then also the real you.”

David Slijper

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