How to plug in your spiritual authenticity

I have been struggling with a voice in my head, at first my mind was blown, I tried to shrug it off, or pretend I didn’t hear it, but i have heard it more than once. After meditating on it for a while, I concluded that I wasn’t scared of what it meant, after all I loved and respected the word of God very much, but I must admit, some stories in the bible can be a bit tedious to read. Lately I had tried to amp things up, I have tried to pray more, read the bible more, attend more church services, fellowship more, and fast more but it doesn’t matter what I do, It keeps coming to me and makes me question if my heart is truly right with God.

So how did I switch off that voice questioning my spiritual authenticity? By being true to myself, but the self that has been transformed by the word of God, what the word does is transform you completely. You have all the truths written in a book for you to turn to at any time, so use it to your advantage. Secondly by understanding that you don’t understand everything immediately, sometimes as you go through life you will realise that some people have more understanding of what they are talking about, so it is best to trust, and accept what they say and keep it moving. The next thing to do to plug in your spiritual authenticity is to cut out all the bull crap, speak to God in a language you understand, and if you can speak in tongues then speak in tongues, but if you can’t, don’t force it. The essential thing you need to do is stop thinking you have to be friends with just Christians or just Muslims, because someone is a Christian doesn’t mean he or she is right for you on your Christian journey, we sometimes think that, but that is not the case.  Now Ladies, make an appointments with God and stick to it, if you have a business meeting or a doctors appointment you wouldn’t miss it, would you? So do the same thing to grow your relationship with God, choose a time of the day to meet with Him and stick to it religiously.  The beauty about God is that, He is patient and most of the times waiting for you already, If you won’t keep people waiting, please don’t keep Him waiting on you. Think of God as a busy man. Lastly, be truly for God, you were created by God for the will of God, so invest some quality time in serving Him, and serve Him wholeheartedly. It doesn’t matter who you are or if you do everything you are suppose to do, the answer is not to do more but to do it with sincerity of heart.

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