I love my body



Take a few minutes to thank God for creating you, thank Him for masterfully designing and constructing your body. How often do we thank God for his handiwork, not that often if we are honest, but we can change this. Trust me you are a beautiful thing, wonderfully made and created in the image of God. God thought of you before He made you, His love and care went into constructing your body, you were created for a unique purpose. Are you not beautiful? Do you not think of yourself as unique in God’s eye? Do you not see yourself as wonderfully made? I challenge you to fill your hearts with praise and thanksgiving for your Creator today, after all you have all the key part of your body, your lungs, your heart, your stomach, your liver, your kidneys, are all working well, who do you think is keeping you strong and alive, is it not God, so give Him thanks.

God designed me even me with all my flaws, I was created for a purpose, how awesome is that? I breathe in oxygen knowing that all my bodily functions are working properly, I only have God to thank. This is another reason why we must care for our body, don’t put anything in your body that will destroy your body. Don’t put anything on your body that will destroy your body and don’t use your body in anyway that will destroy your body. When God created us He took a scoop of himself and used that scoop in making us, that is what is meant by creating us in His image. God is spirit and we are a scoop of His spirit with a body and a soul. When we know that the spirt of God lives inside of us, we have to do all we can to keep His home pleasant. You might ask what should I do to keep this home in a good condition, thats why I am here to tell you just how you can achieve that. After you have spent time thanking God for His wonderful job, begin your personal journey by maintaining the following things. A healthy diet, regular workout, good hygiene, and for some a body spa treatment regime.
We must watch out for the things we read, watch and eat. What we read, watch and eat are all going inside and therefore will become home to the Holy Spirit. We must take great care of the things we watch, read and eat, thats why I advice that you read, watch and eat things that will benefit the Holy Spirit inside of you. If you want to learn more about this, ask God about what you should watch, read and eat. Don’t put anything on your body that will destroy your body, your clothes, body piercing, and body art have to be restricted. Dress the way you want to be addressed, think of how the Holy Spirit would want to be dressed and then dress that way. Wear things that are flattering to your figure. Don’t cover yourself in body piercing and body art, they might send the wrong message. Finally don’t use you body in anyway that will destroy you, use your body in a way that is pleasing to God. When I’m just not feeling great about myself I do what every single lady my age will do, that is put on a good tv show, get a good book to read, or sometimes prepare something nice to eat and feel merry. But this doesn’t change how I feel, unless I thank God for creating me, for masterfully designing and constructing my body, I end up feeling down about my figure. Its only through God we can find peace. Peace come when we give credit to the one that created us. Watch how your mood changes for the better after thanking God. You start to feel better about yourself, you feel like you can do anything. I want you to understand that no matter what your size you can look after yourself because God loves you. You don’t hate what you create instead you look after it and preserve it. Get clothes that fit your shape, eat foods that are healthy and exercise your body each time thanking God for creating you, masterfully designing and constructing your body. Say it to yourself when you wake up, before you eat, before you exercise, before you put your clothes on and before you go to bed. “I thank you Lord for creating me, and masterfully designing and constructing my body”, write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror, so that when you look at it, you will remember who God is. No matter who you are you can achieve a confident body image by simply loving what God loves about you, keep that in mind, next time you are faced with temptation. Overcome bad eating habits by praying to God for His guidance, or reading your bible anytime you feel hungry. Whatever you do don’t sit around and wait for a miracle, get up, get active, go for walks and begin to transform your body for good.

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