My admiration for the Female Hustler



“A diva is a female version of a hustler”

In her lyrics Queen Bee (aka Sasha Fierce) calls divas the female version of a hustler. It got me thinking about the struggles of the female hustle and what it takes to be a true hustler. In the next few lines I will give you first hand information about female hustlers from my perspective and some insight into why I have the most sincerest respect for women who hustle for a living. Here we go. In our dictionaries hustling is linked to words like swindling, fraud, illicit and even prostitution, so why do we use this word to describe our hard-work.

It is because female hustlers will stop at nothing to succeed, they are talented, adept at aggressively selling their brands, and are determined to succeed no matter the consequence. For me hustling is more belligerent than a 9-to-5 job. When you are a hustler you think about how to survive. From my experience hustling is terrifying at first, not having a fixed check, I knew the only way I could truly focus on my goals and ambitions is not by sitting in a cubicle making other peoples dreams come true, but by doing what I really wanted to do. Which is hustle. That’s why I take the recession of 2008-13  as a blessing, because it gave me time to focus and learn what I wanted to do. For a while I had to give up luxuries, I had to do anything I could to save that money, like trading in name brands for knockoffs, trading in that expensive car or buying on a budget, it all adds up. I had to learn that material things were truly just that, so I stopped spending money on things that wouldn’t make me twice the money back. I went into hibernation to stay focus, and when you stay way from the world you start focusing on what is really important and what your true vision in life really is. Being a female hustler come with a lot of sacrifices, and is not for everyone, If you know you have so much more to give, then be ready to hustle because nothing in life come easy.

There are a lot of job titles for a female hustler like a shop owner, online business owner, blogger, hair stylist, personal shopper, fitness instructor and more (go to for more ideas). When you are coming up not everyone will believe in you, but if you believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter what they say. The women who owned and founded businesses had they listened to people who said they couldn’t do it, we wouldn’t have, The Body Shop, Proactiv, Flickr, and

Cisco. It should be a lesson to women everywhere, to be careful of their words and actions. Help the society to build and support women, instead of tearing down their dreams for your own selfish reasons.

People have huge respect for the women juggling 5 jobs to stack up that cash, but love to hear about and learn about those women following their dreams. They are not depriving the world of their passion. Hustling for a living is not easy, but it takes passion, patience and practice to master. A female hustler is someone who knows how to get around problems, there’s nothing you can come up with to deter a female hustler from making her money.

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