‘He paid me £400 on our second date’: Student, 23, joins growing number of women relying on sugar daddies to pay their way through university with ‘expenses’ of up to £2,700 a MONTH

The rising cost of educational fees, combined with the soaring cost of living, has left numerous students struggling to afford to pay their way through university.

Yet, developing numbers of resourceful undergraduates are beating the system by signing up to the ‘sugar baby’way of life that sees older men spending thousands to spend time with them.

So-called sugar daddies take them out for dinner, treat them to lavish holidays and even pay them a monthly ‘allowance’ for the pleasure of their company.

According to SeekingArrangement.com, the looming uncertainty of postgraduate employment has sparked a huge surge in UK students looking for ‘sugar daddies and mommies’ to help them financially.


MailOnline FEMAIL spoke to Bella*, a 23-year-old finance student at the University of Reading, who is as of now being financed by two men she met on the webpage.

She joined in September 2017 after spotting an ad on Google and admits she ”didn’t really have any concerns about what it entails’.

Now halfway through her second year, Bella clarified: ‘You sign up, put up a picture and a short description of yourself.

‘I said I was looking for friends, looking for someone who could support me.’

One of the male suitors she met on the site is a 39-year-old entrepreneur, the other a BIT analyst – twice her age at 44.

‘He wants a lady he can meet regularly, go on dinner dates and have fun with,’ she said of the younger man.


‘The first time we met he gave me £250 for a taxi, the second time it was £400.’

The pair is presently in talks about the amount he will give Bella as part of their arrangement – but she is aiming for between £900 and £1,000 a month. She hasn’t plucked up the courage to tell her parents yet.

SeekingArrangement.com announced a week ago that the number of British students looking for help on their site grew by an extraordinary 30 percent in 2017.

It comes after the Institute for Fiscal Studies uncovered that students in England will graduate with average debts of £50,800 after interest rates were raised last year to 6.1 per cent.



In 2017 alone, 75,000 UK students joined the 3 million students effectively enlisted on SeekingArrangement around the world.

The site likewise did the math to uncover its yearly rankings of the fastest-growing ‘sugar baby schools’ in the UK, with the University of Portsmouth taking the crown.

It reportedly has a grand total of 665 ‘sugar baby scholars’ among its student population.

The average ‘sugar baby’gets a staggering £2,730 (the equivalent of £32,760 a year) in monthly ‘allowances’.

* Real name has been changed

The article was first seen on Mail Oline.

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