Swwe21 new week triple threats

I feel like my life is made up of workout reps, after one set of 10 reps, there’s another set, and then another, then one more, and so on and so forth. I feel like I am always trying to make myself fit, fit for love, fit for friends, and fit for my dreams. I have honestly told myself that I must slay everyday this week, and get up and back on my grind when things don’t go quite as I predict, so do the same if you are feeling anxious about the coming week, wake up with me each day of the week, pray with me every morning and then of course, slay, we can slay together, if it involves sharing photos, I will. Yes that is empowerment right there. Out of a hundred things to consider when preparing for the week, I’ve picked three things specifically for my Swwe21 Blog readers.

Be good at relationship building, if you are anything like me, you are constantly trying to have a tight grasp on your relationships, my most challenging is my relationship with God, yours might be with family, friends, business associates etc. Make a list of your relationship goals for the week, stick it on your wall, and tick them off one by one as you accomplish them. So on your list, if you are like me and want growth in your relationship with God, you will have something like, “read my bible”, “pray”, “fast” (fast is abstinence from  or a limiting of one’s food to pray to God), and “talk to a non-believer about Jesus”. Treat other lists the same way, think about what relationship you want to grow, who it is you are referring to, what kind of things they like to do, with these information come up with a fitting list of things to do with them. So for family you could have “fellowship together”, “eat together”, and “plan a family day out”. Do the exact same thing for friends.

Secondly don’t let temptations get in the way of you being the boss of your own life. Conquer a temptation a day, if it is anger, jealousy or envy overcome them and note it down. Thirdly bring something different to each day of the week, this is where you need to slay. The meaning of slay is to have succeeded in something amazing, to have killed it, the days are waiting for you. Now use this as an example, I have slayed, when I feel good after a hard workout in the gym, or when my brand has had a successful day. You are just one slay away from awesomeness. Be smart readers. I love every one of you that reads my blog, I appreciate you, post the url on your timelines to spread the word.

To summarise
– Be good at relationship building
– Don’t let temptation get in the way
– Bring something different to each day

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