Take a great picture of yourself



What is the beginning of a good picture, is it a good subject? a good background? a good camera? or all of the above. Frankly am not a professional photographer so I don’t know. But I think as well as having a good camera with great lens you need to have a great subject with a good background. I love a good picture especially one that makes me feel something unique each time I look at it. If I had to take a picture of myself 10 years ago and a picture of myself right now, it is safe to say a lot has changed. Lets imagine taking a picture of ourselves 5 years from now, where would it be taken, with you and what would we be doing? Imagine anything you want because you have control over who you will be 5 years from now.

Lets get creative, the crazier the better :D. Let me paint my picture 5 years from now, I can see myself in my new home with my hubby (for life) and my one year old child, sitting by the fireplace, during Christmas time with my reindeer Christmas jumper on, with flowers from my hubby, eating a box of chocolate whilst writing a new blog entry. My blog has grown and my site now has millions of hits a day, the money I make from my blog helps me look after my family, my new house and my new range sitting in my driveway :D. The caption reads “I have come to far to turn back now”. Try this exercise for yourself, paint a picture in your mind of yourself 5 years from now, make it as detail as possible then write it down, and 5 years from now go back to it and see if those things you imagined 5 years ago have come to pass. Make sure you are as detailed as you can be with your picture, come up with something crazy like the specific clothes you had on or the specific colour of something in the picture. This exercise will prove one thing the power of vision. As we picture ourselves in homes, wearing these crazy clothes, doing these crazy things, with these people the universe begins to work everything out for that vision to manifest. Now we can try the same exercise but this time for 3 weeks from today. Three weeks from today, I picture myself stronger than I am today, physically, spiritually and mentally, because I did all the things that I needed to do to feel stronger. I invested in growing spiritually, mentally and physically, I even lost a few pounds because I am just fabulous. I have my sleep back and I have tons of energy, I can go out for 30 mins walks just because I am more energetic and full of life. I am living a more sacred life because I have followed up on what I learnt from my life coach classes. I am more optimistic about the future and the picture I painted of myself 5 years from now is getting closer to becoming a reality. The caption reads”full of life and loving every bit of it”. Lets see what we can create by picturing ourselves in the future already doing it. Leave a comment on your thoughts on this entry and your experience with taking a great picture of yourself for the future.

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