The Voice: Female Empowerment: 2017’S Most Inspiring Women, Part 1

Author of the Crown of Laurels Dot blog and advertising professional Lawrencia Amfo-Asiedu begins to highlight some “real life women” to watch out for next year – check back after 6am GMT on 31 December for part 2

PAYING HOMAGE: Lawrencia Amfo-Asiedu

2016 HAS been a year of growth and progression for me, however we live in a world where it can be difficult to see others accomplish their goals whilst you are not where you want to be in life.
During the last couple of years, I have learnt to stop focusing on others and focus on my God-given journey.

Everyone has their time to grow and shine. If we examine successful individuals, they have all gone through the up and down stages in life and made that decision not to give up.

Over the year, I have been inspired by a plethora of amazing real life women that are hardworking and most importantly, inspiring:

Kamden Monsplaisir, Entrepreneur

Kamden Monsplaisir is an entrepreneur who runs The Esther Academy, which ‘supports and nurtures the women of tomorrow’. Another woman who is extremely passionate about female empowerment like myself, Monsplaisir often displays this passion in her YouTube videos, which are designed to encourage women to be the best version of themselves.

I started taking notice of Monsplaisir earlier in the year, as she was someone that I could relate to. Not only is she a budding entrepreneur but also a full-time employee at one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world. I admire a woman, that can hold down a full-time job and simultaneously run her own organisation – such an admirable trait to have.

Her YouTube videos are compelling as she shares her God-given pearls of wisdom when it comes to career, love, business and more.

I am really excited for this woman’s future as she continues to grow. She is definitely a game-changer.

Emeline, Presenter and Writer

A woman of many talents – designer, presenter and contributing writer for Lux Afrique and ThandieKay (a joint e-venture between actress Thandie Newton and make-up artist Kay Montano) as well as embodying the definition of hair goals!

Emeline has recently moved to Ghana to work as a lifestyle and entertainment presenter for GH One TV. I love her passion and enthusiasm for the country. The beautiful presenter who has presented on red carpets and for music shows is also bi-lingual.

Emeline is a go-getter and displays a strong work ethic, teaching me that it’s okay to stay true to your craft. Her authenticity instantly demands your attention.

She is certainly destined for big things and is taking Ghana by storm. 2017 looks very promising for this star.

Alexandria Aggrey-Madamori (Madamori Skincare), Entrepreneur

Alexandria probably looks familiar to you guys, after featuring on my Becoming an Entrepreneurpost. The founder of luxurious and handmade natural products, Aggrey-Madamori makes divine shea butter as well as body washes that are all authentic.

I adore this lady’s work ethic – she is also a full-time worker with a flourishing business, plus she’s a wife. Honestly, I am not sure how the beautiful entrepreneur manages to juggle everything.

Aggrey-Madamori embodies sisterhood on a whole different level, from her inspiring posts on Instagram to being one of the most genuinely helpful women I have come across in a while. Recently messaging her to ask about advice on a venture I wanted to explore, she instantly messaged back giving me advice – the encouragement was overwhelming, delivered in the simple form of ‘if you need any help, let me know’. If that isn’t sisterhood, I am not sure what is!

We need more women like this, to motivate and encourage others. I cannot wait to see her products in luxury retailers (I am putting it out into the universe).

Sandra Cavalli, Entrepreneur and Founder of Beyond Glam

The gorgeous entrepreneur is also my cousin.

Sandra has been running her own salon for a number of years and from a tender age. She has cleverly master-minded a brand that oozes luxury and quality.

The London-based salon specialises in luxurious hair extensions, her work ethic is inspiring and most importantly admirable. High-profile clients such as blogger and YouTuber Jayde Pierce have raved about the quality of hair and most importantly great service.

In this current economic climate, it isn’t easy to run a business in a competitive and lucrative industry and still be thriving. It is certainly a blessing. Cavalli has been a game-changer in the hair industry for a while and has taught me determination and resilience is key.

With 31,000 followers on her beauty page, Beyond Glam can be found on Instagram.

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